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Impossible Media LLC creates Original TV Productions focused on Amazing Individuals, True History & Crime & Major Lifestyle Shifts such as Cannabis, Digitial Currencies & More.

  • Impossible Media is a Tech Talk Media Company
  • Est. in 2017 by Jonny Caplan & Ronald R. Hans
  • Focused on True Crime, Lifestyle & Culture
  • Reaches 80+ countries & 500m+ Viewers
  • Multiple International Film Festival Awards
  • Creates Huge Social Impact across the Global

With our unique structure and mission, incredible strategic partners, innovative new projects & channels of connectivity, and access to hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide, our ecosystem is highly impactful & changing the lives of many.

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Last Man Standing (90')

The Chronicles of Myron Sugerman

An Original Documentary Feature Film
Ready for Worldwide Distribution

A true-crime feature-length documentary and the first release of the brand franchise, showcasing the factual life story of Myron Sugerman, 2nd generation gangster, a member of the Newark, New Jersey Mob.

Myron’s father, Barney Sugerman was a lifelong partner of Meyer Lansky, Benny “Bugsy” Seigel, Lucky Luciano and Joe “Doc” Statcher, among others. Myron is the last standing original gangster from that iconic era.

The Sugerman’s, who were the largest manufacturer, importer and exporter of illegal slot machines, pinball machines, jukeboxes and cigarette machines from the 1930s onwards.

Distributing contraband to more than 80 countries worldwide, Myron’s endeavours span all four corners of the globe. Due to increased fascism at the time in the rise of the Nazi party especially in the US, the Jewish Mob often had to stand their ground against the onslaught of violence in the streets from the Nazi Bund Party.

After adopting a taste for Nazi hunting, Myron soon after made strategic ties with Simon Wiesenthal, the famed Nazi hunter, and aside from helping fund his operations for many years, they together found the evil Nazi scientist Dr Joseph Mengele, which led to his capture and demise.

Myron is a one-of-a-kind gangster with impecable character and charm. The only and last remaining true life gangster from the iconic time in American History.

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Impossible Media specializes in original productions featuring amazing people, true stories and major lifestyle shifts.
Below are some of our current titles:

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